Wonders 2020 International Poster Competition

These days, the way we live is no longer the same as it was only a year ago. Lifestyles and rules for socializing are now different. Our way of life has changed, leading to many surprises as we navigate this new world.

In the world of design, we are also discovering new frontiers. This is a time for discovery and creativity. We invite all graphic designers to design a poster to reflect their own creative vision for this changing world and the way we are living in it.

This event is being organized by Borderless Graphic Designers Group from Vancouver BC, Canada.


  • The impact of the Corona pandemic at Christmas 2020
  • Wonders 2020
  • The future of our lifestyles

Terms of Participation:

  • Participation in this competition is free.
  • There is no limit to the number of posters each participant can enter.
  • All works and design rights must be original.

Note: By participating in this contest, participants confirm that their work is entirely original.

  • The participants grant the organizer(s) authorization to use any submitted works in exhibitions, advertisements, and/or publications, printing or reproducing the poster images in various formats, such as on t-shirts, masks, posters, and postcards. Attribution to the designer will be made any time a poster design is used.
  • The submissions should be named in English using the following convention:

Name_Surname_Nationality_Your Email Address_Telephone Number_01.jpg
For example: John Smith_England_JohnSmith@Domain.com_+440000000000_01.jpg

Note: The organizer will exclude posters with incorrect naming conventions from the competition.

  • An automated email confirmation will be sent for all submissions received. If you do not receive a confirmation, please re-send your submission.
  • All designers should follow the organizer’s official pages on Facebook and Instagram, as well as visit the website for news on the contest.

Terms for Submission of Designs:

  • Posters should be 70 × 100 cm
  • Resolution: 150 DPI
  • Color mode: RGB
  • Format: JPG, and 5 MB of maximum weight
  • Posters should be designed vertically
  • All techniques and designs are welcome
  • Posters should be sent to the following e-mail:  bgdcall2020@gmail.com

In your email submission, please include:

  • Your First Name and Surname
  • Nationality
  • Home Address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

Borderless Graphic Designers Group (BGD)

Competition Manager:
Reza Saeedi (Canada)

Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi

Jury Team:
Alexander Faldin (Russia)
Markus Weisbeck (Germany)
Elizabeth Resnick (USA)  
Kye Soo Myung (South Korea)
Olga Severina (USA)   
Rujiyanto (Indonesia)
Chepe Jose Luis (Mexico)    
Anna Klos (Poland)
Eric Boelts (USA)
Chang Fang Pang (Taiwan)

Visual Identity Designer:  
Anna Black (Ukraine)

Important Dates:
Contest submissions begin: October 01, 2020
Deadline for submitting works: December 05, 2020
Opening of the exhibition: December 23, 2020

Note: The names of the selected designers will be published from the organizer’s website and social networks. All participating designers will follow the website and social networks.

Website: https://Borderlessgroup.ca
Facebook: https://facebook.com/borderlessgrp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/borderlessgrp

Organizer Contact:
Email: info@borderlessgroup.ca
phone: +1 (604) 363-6446

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