UCLA DMA / Class 173 /  2021 Fall

Olga Severina Ph.D

Carrie Chen

Tolerance is the first step towards harmonious coexistence. It’s the vital springboard to cultivating mutual respect and acceptance.

As part of International Day of Tolerance (November 16) students presented their poster designs in the  UCLA DMA space.

Through a process of design iteration, students explored the potential of graphics, typography, and the creative visual language of poster art. Students discussed the meaning behind the word “tolerance” and brainstormed imagery and design concepts. They experimented with a variety of mediums in class, including painting, sketching, collage, and digital drawing.

About the Class
True power of socially conscious poster art is not its striking imagery, but its ability to impact lives. Poster does not just expose current issues of day; it drives cultural changes by promoting acts of civil responsibility.  Exploration of visual language of poster art, evolution of its pictorial and typographical traits, and way this genre influenced postmodern world. Students learn social and environmental aspects of contemporary poster, and apply its creative and propagative methodologies to their own poster designs.  Students experiment with emerging technologies, and conduct research on creative techniques that make posters powerful social activism tool. 

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