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Experience shows that human is always caused the biggest damage to nature and the surrounding environment. Of course, sometimes the same damage has been the benefit of nature. Human life on Earth is the biggest contradiction. They are inherently not related to each other. In fact, the earth has the image of the past no longer and is being dest]royed in various ways. Air pollution, ozone depletion, deforestation, drying up of lakes and pollution of the seas, nuclear and plastic waste are the most important results of human life on earth. These many problems that human beings have created, made it difficult for human to continue living.

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Therefore, our world has many serious problems in social fields and its coexistence with the environment. In order to become more aware of these problems, necessary prevention and awareness among the people, cultural and artistic activities will be of more use to us. In the meantime, there will be a media called “Poster”, which is considered an old but important media tool in today’s world.

Undoubtedly, the popularity and encouragement of the production of posters in a variety of themes, leading to the familiarity of all sections of society with this medium and its capabilities can be considered for managing environmental crises. Here is the International Invitational Poster Exhibition, which we have named the ” Life Tree”. It has taken on the important task of acquainting its general audience with the various thoughts and ideas of designers who, with their own posters, introduce the new damage that human beings inflict on the body of the planet, and to display the necessary knowledge.


International Invitational Poster Exhibition of Life Tree with  the Theme of Environment was started by
Hamid Nejati and Dariush Allahyari in 2018. The guests are 120 artists in this exhibition, including 62 designers from Iran and 58 designers from countries such as Mexico, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Slovakia, Canada, Poland, USA, South Korea, Ecuador, Argentina, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Indonesia, Hungary, Belarus, China, Portugal and Chile.

We have to thank and appreciate dear friends Olga Severina (PosterTerritory), Mehran Mirhosseini (Elan Gallery), Kourosh Bakhtiari, Environmental supporter and designer of CARFREE TUESDAY in Iran, Saeed Rezvani (Manager of our Art event), Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi, Designer and Graphics teacher, Yonos Dara, translator and also Ahmad Ghasemi, the director of Pasargad advertising collection, who have helped and accompanied us in this exhibition.

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