The 4th Block 2018


Two Days Left
Deadline is January 15,
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The International Triennial of the environmental, social and eco-educational poster
“The 4th Block” is a unique event aimed at support of social and environmental ideas, upholding principles of sustainable development of the society and safe environmental policies through art and design.

Every three years since 1991, the triennial has been accumulating and visually presenting works of designers from more than 50 countries of the world, covering various social, environmental and eco-cultural issues from different angles. By means of posters in a concise, bright and understandable form, the authors not only introduce the viewer to the eco-social issues but encourage human to think in this direction. The posters, which are submitted to the collection of the Triennial “The 4th Block” are the basis of ecological and social exhibitions and campaigns constantly held in Ukraine and abroad. These works are bright motivators of struggle for purity of the environment, for development of alternative energy and for introduction of energy-saving technologies.

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