Stand with Ukraine

Diego Morales Morando / Bolivia
Nikodem Pręgowski / Poland
Marcos Minini / Italy
Felipe Jácome López / Ecuador
Evgeniy Dobravinskiy / Russia
Keith-Kitz / USA
Agnieszka Weglarska / Poland
Tomasz Czyzkowski / Poland
Wojtek Osuchowski / Poland
Victoria Grigorenko / Ukraine
Luis Yañez / Mexico
Agnieszka Srokosz/ Poland
Bao Nguyen/ Vietnam
Anett St. Esther / Hungary
Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez/ Mexico

The 4th Block Graphic Designers Association together with PosterTerritory initiative is continuing its open-ended poster campaign that asks socially responsible designers to express their views on an undeclared war in Ukraine that is being perpetrated by Russia.

Every day there are reports of the fallen and wounded defenders of Ukraine, reports of mines in schools and in state institutions. Our country faces continuous shelling of its infrastructure, and an endless bombardment of its cities and towns where apartment buildings, houses, hospitals and maternity wards are being reduced to rubble. It suffers ever-mounting deaths of the innocent, its civilian population is being systematically raped, killed and terrorized. The whole world have seen the images from the towns of Bucha, Gostomel, Irpen and Borodyanka. This is a new reality of my country brought by the Russian aggression.

A peaceful and beautiful country, Ukraine is now in the fiery pit of a full-scale war – a terrible and needless conflict that draws a line between good and absolute evil. We will fight to the bitter end. We have nowhere to retreat. We are defending our land, our loved ones, and our friends! By defending ourselves, we are protecting Europe. We choose freedom, and we will surely prevail! Send your poster files to

They will be featured on our online platforms and showcased at various exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.
Please sign files in English in the following order: Country_First Name_Last Name_Title of the poster.
The subject of the letter: Stand with Ukraine!

Printed posters:
70×100 cm
RGB, 200 dpi / JPG, PDF

Animated artworks:
Max. time 20 sec. / Сodecs: full HD 1920/1080 / MP4 (H.264 50 mb/s) or MOV (H.264 quality 100)

If you want to print some files for protests and spread the word contact us at

Please don’t forget to give the artist a credit and hashtag us and/or send us some photos. #StandwithUkraine #nowar #stopwar #posterterritory #the4thblock

Marlena Buczek Smith / Poland
Lukasz-Zwolan / Poland
Lukasz Zwolan / Poland
Grafprom / Ukraine, Austria
Damian Kłaczkiewicz / Poland
Arwin Intrungs / Thailand
Patrycja Longawa  / Poland
Patrycja Longawa / Poland
Ivanov Anton / USA
Chikako Oguma / Japan

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