Poster Competition in Busan South Korea

The Busan Illustration Fair vol.1 – Poster Competition 2020


The Seoul Illustration Fair is one and the only exhibition focused on illustration in Korea which is held every summer and winter at COEX, Seoul. We give you the chance to meet illustration in our daily life with various shapes, and culture and artworks of Korean illustration that cannot be seen anywhere but here!

And this fall, finally, The Seoul Illustration Fair will be opening in Busan!! To celebrate our first opening, poster competition is opened. Please give us big support and participation.

Tell your own story of Busan


(1)  Landmark and architecture
(2)  Culture and art space
(3)  Natural environment
(4)  Dietary culture
(5)  Daily life
(6)  The others

General Information

■ Competition Host : The Busan Illustration Fair vol.1

■ Classification : Poster design

July 20, 2020 (till 10 a.m. in Korean time)

■ Qualification:
non-limitations (Teamwork disallowance / please check the note below )

■ Submission :
1 piece for 1 category (Max. 3 pieces available for 1 person)


Format: jpg, png
File size: 1mb
Artwork Size: A3 (Horizontal form or Vertical form)

Submission Form

Evaluation Criteria and Announcement of Winner

■ Evaluation Criteria: Consistency of the theme, Creativity, Expression, Productability

■ Judges: The Busan Illustration Fair vol.1 organizing office, relevant fields of professionals and staffs

■ Announcement of Winner: 2020. July. 31st (Fri)

* The result will be announced at our official website and SNS channels.

* Also BIF will personally contact the winner and finalists.

Winner’s Prize

■  Prize: KRW 2,000,000 ( only 1 final winner ) * The prize will be paid after-tax deduction.
■  Exhibition: Special Zone ‘Agora.B’ onsite of the Busan Illustration Fair vol.1

* 1 winner piece and 60 finalists’ pieces(10 pieces for each category)

■ If an entry violates the rights of others (copyright and portrait rights, etc.), all legal liability resulting therefrom lies with the exhibitor and all awards are canceled.
■ Award-winning works from other competitions cannot be entered.
■ All intellectual property rights including the copyright of the winning work belong to the applicant.
■ Entries that do not conform to the entry guidelines may be excluded from judging.                           
■ If the entries do not meet the judging criteria, the scope of the award may be reduced, and the onsite exhibition may be cancelled.
■ All schedules, such as judging, awards, and presentations, are subject to change depending on the circumstances of the organizer.
■ The winning work will be used as the official poster of the Busan Illustration Fair vol.1. In addition, the winning works are used for invitation tickets / envelopes / web banners / online promotional images / banners, and in some cases, an image modification to fit the size may be requested.
■ The winner’s and finalists’ works can be used for the purpose of presenting, exhibiting, and promoting the fair.
■ Winner and finalists must submit high-resolution images for onsite exhibitions. If it is not possible to submit a high-resolution image, the result will be canceled.

The Busan Illustration Fair office e-mail:

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