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My name is Olga Severina. I am a Ukrainian born exhibition curator and a graphic designer residing in Los Angeles, CA.

One of my great passions is the art of a contemporary poster because I believe that a truly compelling poster has the power to change the world. 

Following this passion, I founded the PosterTerritory initiative to promote graphic arts and examine their impact on the fabric of our society. I do that by launching socially conscious, poster campaigns and design exhibits in cities around the world. A few of my latest projects are The World According to Love (Australia, 2019), Bauhaus 100 (USA, 2019), The New Winds – an exhibition of contemporary Iranian graphic design co-curated with Majid Abbasi (2018, USA), Rebranding The Russian Avant-garde (2014, USA), Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change (2013, USA) and Eco-Deology: Cause and Effect (2012, USA).

My love for the contemporary poster was born after I obtained my Ph.D. in Visual Arts when I became involved with some of the leading poster and design competitions that encourage creative expression and environmental sustainability. The projects that impacted me the most were an International Eco-Poster Exhibition The 4th Block (Ukraine) and an International Graphic Design Biennale Golden Bee (Russia), where I later served as a curator and a selection committee member for a number of years. Currently, I work for both poster exhibitions as the traveling exhibit curator in the United States. 

As a true disciple of the genre, I frequently take part in poster competitions and design expos that celebrate creative excellence in contemporary graphic arts. Over the years my works have been to Mexico, Russia, Germany, Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, the United States and many other countries around the globe. I am proud to have my art be included in such internationally recognized exhibits as the Poster Biennial in Mexico (Mexico), International Eco-Poster Exhibition The 4th Block (Ukraine), International Graphic Design Biennial Golden Bee (Russia), and Warsaw International Poster Biennale (Poland).

Some of the favorites among my latest creations are The Cow poster, awarded 1st place in Cow International Design Festival and the Democracy Lost poster, selected by the Daily Detroit as one of the five most powerful political posters in Baltimore Posters on Politics exhibit.

I genuinely believe that a pen can sometimes be as mighty as an image. That is why I currently am an editorial board member and writer at a Neshan Graphic Design Magazine, where I explore the latest trends in visual expression. I’m also an author of three anthologies on poster art: Environmental Poster. Origins and Evolution (2018), Modern Eco-Posters (2012) and Ecological Tendencies in Modern Poster Art (2009), two of which I co-authored with Oleg Veklenko.

In my professional career, I work as a design director at BrandCulture branding agency in Los Angeles, CA.

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