Posters army – an army of compassionate creatives.

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Poster by Agnieszka Srokosz

Stand with Ukraine

NOTREALART Podcast with Scott Power

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Pandemic Christmas.

2020 will be a year that none of us will ever forget! 

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451 Degrees of Intolerance

It was happening before, and it is now happening again!

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Man + Nature = Biophilia

The notion of environmental consciousness is not a novel concept…

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Philosophy of Color by João Machado

 Artworks created by Machado for numerous poster exhibitions and cultural events exude…

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Tolerance Poster Show. Ideas in Motion.

interview with Mirko Ilić  for Design Toast, AIGA LA

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Sometimes the World Is Just Black and White…

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World Design Day

If you chose design as your profession, be prepared to live by the craft.

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Arjmand Hadi, The Green&Environment

Living with Nature. The Natural State of Being.

Imagine a life where all of us live in harmony with other earthy creatures. A life where we all are an integral part of nature, rather than the only species living apart from it. This way of living is what our artists are trying to imagine with their poster entries into the Biophilia Posters competition.

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Poster by Yossi Lemel

Poster as an Antidote

The posters always drove people towards a better future with their compelling messages and dramatic imagery and I wish that this time will not be an exception. I hope one of these posters, or perhaps another powerful image will inspire someone brilliant to act, to imagine and to discover something, which will help us overcome this terrible pandemic.

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Poster Recipes

This Series is dedicated to getting an inside look into the techniques and design practices used by some of the world’s most remarkable artists in creating their posters.

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Girl, Disrupting

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Ossip Zadkine, Guillaume Apollinaire, 1967

The Many Fates And Faces Of Livre D’artiste.

Neshan, Graphic Design Magazine №46/47

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Vladimir Mayakovsky:
The Herald of the New Era

Neshan, Graphic Design Magazine №42

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Moscow Design Museum: First by Design

Neshan, Graphic Design Magazine №41

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Think in Metaphors:
Face to Face with Andrey Logvin

Neshan, Graphic Design Magazine №31

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Ostengruppe – The chaos of diversity

Neshan, Graphic Design Magazine №28

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Alexander Rodchenko
“The future is our one and only goal”

Neshan, Graphic Design Magazine №27

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Projector № 1(18) 2012 

The article for Projector Design Magazine dedicated Finish Designer Kari Piippo (Page 24)

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Projector 2(15) 2011 

An interview about great Partugese graphic designer João Machado (Page 22)

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Projector 3(16) 2011 

This interview about well-know graphic designer Lex Drewinski (Page 22)

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Projector 4(17) 2011 

Interview with Majid Abbasi
(Page 22)

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