Graphic Stew: Diversity – Voice of Activism

The workshop “Graphic Stew” by Natalia Volpe it is sought to make visible graphics the expression of the thought of a community starting from individual drawings and reaching a collective composition.

Instructor: Olga Severina

For this workshop we took Diversity. Differences that brighten the world topic which will be a part of

About this call: We are inviting students from around the world to participate in creating a poster (which will be used as a cover) for the series. The Master Cover series celebrates lifelong learning, through taking classes at UCLA Extension, it promotes curiosity, trying new things, openness, and fulfillment. The series is not political, it is primarily focused on the joy of learning and the ever-lasting pursuit of knowledge.

Posters by:
Sophie Lin
Jessica Rivera
Zara Mcmillen Aiken
Cayla Schneider
Christine Kao
Posters by:
Vicky Jen Jen
Xinwen Hu 
Hannah Oh
Yichen Pan
Posters by:
Allison Meng Wu
Stella Strader
Rayce Aaronson 
Patton Janssen
Junie Kim 
Posters by: Viviana Castillo
Leilany Chan
Alexander Joel Hwang
Iris Tsungchi Chang
Justin Uhgene Lee

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