Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change

PosterTerritory together with the Riverside Art Museum presents Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change, a design exhibition featuring 100+ posters designed by selected international artists championing harmonious coexistence between nature and men.

The posters in this exhibit are all part of an Eco-Poster Competition The 4th Block – a design expo with more than 20 years of history, which brings together the latest trends and innovations in the international environmental posters.

Guest curated by Olga Severina, this exhibit is a collection of visually compelling posters that utilize design as a tool for addressing issues of transportation, air, and water pollution. Its goal is to introduce audiences in different countries to The 4th Block posters collection, while at the same time raising awareness of various environmental issues of the day.

We are proud to announce that RAM is the first venue to host the PosterTerritory exhibition series that are planned to open in different cities in the United States and around the world.

Curator: Olga Severina / Producer: Paul Dimalanta / Supported by AIGA LA
Special Thanks: Kathryn Poindexter-Akers and Drew Oberjuerge

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