What does Diversity mean to you?

The world is getting richer by the minute. Before the internet, we did not have the luxury of instantaneously accessing the entire bank of global knowledge, and reaching nearly any person in the world. This unprecedented ability to connect people exposes us to things and experiences that we’ve never before felt or encountered. As a result, things that once felt strange or threatening to us are now much more familiar and enjoyable. That is the epitome of diversity – our ability to accept different cultures, belief systems, and points of view, regardless of their place of origin.
This is where the young generation is light years ahead of us, and this is a wonderful thing. Born in the digital age they only know of the world where practically any border can be crossed with a click of a mouse. Skyping with a friend across the globe is as natural to them as texting with a neighbor down the street. This is a great new world and this is why we opened this call to young artists – people who are born into many cultures and for whom diversity is a commonplace rather than an oddity

Diversity. Differences that brighten the world
About this call:
We invited students from around the world to participate in making a poster, which will be used as a cover for the series. The Master Cover series celebrates lifelong learning that anyone can enjoy by taking UCLA Extension classes, it promotes curiosity, trying new things, openness, and fulfillment. The series is not political, it is primarily focused on the joy of learning and the ever-lasting pursuit of knowledge.

We wanted to thank all of you for participating in the Diversity poster call. We got over 300 student submissions from 32 countries. It was a pleasure to see all your great work, your amazing creative ideas, and your excellent design skills. We are happy to announce a shortlist of this competition’s finalists. More to come…

Short-list, Spring 2023 Master Cover

Agata Chrzest, Poland

Aleksandra Kortas, Poland

Alex Ivanovsky, Ukraine

Alina Tymoshenko, Ukraine

Amira Andra Moraloki, South Africa

Anna Brzostek, Poland

Anna Jurczak, Poland

Anna Sosnowska, Poland

Ansgar Friedrich, Germany

Antonela-Daniela Prida, Italy

Ashtyn Heiert, USA

Barbara Mastalerz, Poland

Bernadetta Krawczyk, Poland

Bruno-Correia, Portugal

Carmen Ja Wen Wong, Malaysia

Chiara Vivalda, Italy

Chui Hin Hui, Taiwan

Daiana Zubova, Ukraine

Daria Antkiewicz, Poland

Dominika Budzynska, Poland

Elena Rotini, Italy

Elvira Panchenko, Ukraine

Estera Taran, USA

Francisco Jiménez, Ecudor

Gustavo Arregui, Ecuador

Hamzacan Yldrm, Turkey

Hannah Curl, USA

Ho Ping Yi, Malaysia

HuanfengXu, China

Hui Ying, Malaysia

İsmail Furkan Yilidiz, Turkey

Jakub Marcinkowski, Poland

Jana Negm Benkml Baad, Egypt

Jia Yee, Malaysia

Jia Wei Khor, Malaysia

Jiasui Cai, China

Joanna Chen, USA

Joanna Mazur, Poland

Jovana Milojevic, Serbia

Jua Carlos González, Mexico

Julia Barczewska, Poland

Kacper Lipowy, Poland

Karolina Winczewska, Poland

Kerem Ese, Turkey

Kinga-Jasińska, Poland

Konrad Zajac, Poland

Krzysztof Biegun, Poland

Ksenia Spasskaya, Russia

Leland Starwalt, Italy

Li Jiahui, China

lyllian Caporuscio, USA

Lorenzo Bacchelli, Italy

Magdalena Kaczyska, Poland

Maja Kaczmarzyk, Poland

Maria Mena, Mexico

Maria Zhuk, Belarus

Mariia Perepelytsia, Ukraine

Marta Pejcic, Serbia

Marta Pelikan, Poland

Marta Skowroska, Poland

Maryna Rutkowska, Poland

Merve Havva Evci, Turkey

Michaela Crossley, USA

Milena Łaska, Poland

Milo Despeni, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Minja-Đorđević, Serbia

Mireille George, Egypt

Mohammad Raei, Iran

Münevver Aslan, Turkey

Natalia Jurczak, Poland

Natalia Ślusarska, Poland

Natalie Sisler, Italy

Negin Davoodpoor, Iran

Nisrine Elsisy, Egypt

Oleksandra Holovko, Ukraine

Olha Sobolieva, Ukraine

Omar Bazan Pan, Egypt

Ozan Ermiş, Turkey

Poland Olga, Czechia

Qi Ziyi, China

Sara Ait Boudane, Morrocco

Shi Man Wong, Malaysia

Sofiia Yarytska, Ukraine

Stella Strader, USA

Tymoteusz Moliński, Poland

Veera Kemppainen, Finalnd

Viviana Castillo, USA

Wendela Stjernsward, Sweden

Wiktoria Kaminska, Poland

Wiktoria Sobecki, Poland

Xinwen Cecily Hu, USA

Xiri Cai Ba, Taiwan

Ye Pingping, China

Yue Wang, China

Zahra Fotovatnia, Iran

Zi Xuan, Malaysia

Zichen Ke, China

Zlata Chernova, Ukraine

Zuzanna Goclawska, Poland

Zuzanna Kowalska, Poland

From our Submition

Ashtyn Heiert, USA
Sara Ait Boudane, Morrocco
Jjovana Milojevic, Serbia
Maria Zhuk, Belarus
Wiktoria Sobecki, Poland
Qi Ziyi, China
Olha Sobolieva, Ukraine
Xiri Cai Ba, Taiwan
Nisrine Elsisy, Egypt

About the Master Cover series:
The series started in 1990 with Paul Rand and continues with luminaries in the design world. The Masters of Design series of covers/posters are meant to communicate the scope of UCLA Extension’s continuing education program. Paul Rand launched the series in 1990, creating a snow-capped orange for the Winter Quarter 1990 cover. The rest is history. Rand not only set the quality standard for the covers, his participation encouraged other noteworthy designers to follow his lead. Such legends as Saul Bass, Lou Danziger, Frank Gehry, Ivan Chermayoff, Eiko Ishioka, Henry Wolf, George Tscherney, and Milton Glaser are among the dozens of designers who created UCLA Extension catalog covers. The impressive collection has been shown in exhibitions and top designers consider the invitation to design the catalog cover an honor that they are unlikely to refuse. Some sample cover over the years can be viewed here

UCLA Extension

Creative Director for Series: Scott Hutchinson
Curator: Olga Severina

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Helms Design Center
The 4th Block Association

* Graphic by Kozlovskyi Nikita and Khedekel Sofiia  

** All submissions that the judges determine to meet the poster requirements and university standards will be shown on our website.

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