Dignavidad 2020

Pandemic Christmas

DIGNAVIDAD 2020 is an International Poster Exhibit based in Ecuador, which promotes the importance of poster art as an instrument for raising awareness of contemporary issues. During these Christmas holidays, DIGNAVIDAD 2020 is using graphic design to expose a variety of social concerns such as consumerism, child exploitation, and debt.

To date, more than 74.9 million people are infected with COVID19 all over the world. This year many of us will not be able to give our family members a hug, but the situation is even more difficult for people in need – people all around the globe, who struggle with hunger and unemployment caused by the pandemic. 

The theme for this year’s poster competition was “Pandemic Christmas”. The artworks will be exhibited during the Christmas Celebration in the month of December in a number of cities in the province of Imbabura, Ecuador, and in the city of Yakarta, Indonesia.
Curated by Felipe Jácome López

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