Design Day 2020

Posters: Hu Kai, China / Ramin Rafeei, Iran

If you chose design as your profession, be prepared to live by the craft. Is it as if you hear a continuous voice inside your head that always whispers something: “This is good typography”, “Here I would change all the fonts”, “This color and texture don’t work well together.” What can I say, it is a bit mental, but designers simply cannot imagine their life without this voice. My six years old son is already asking me: Mom, why all I hear from you is design and posters? The answer is simple: because it’s a drive. A momentum that leads you into the unknown. It is always an experiment. You can recognize a designer anywhere. It’s like he or she is a member of a cult: an eternal search of something in their eyes and a sense of endless deadlines.  A continuous talk about how bad the fonts are. And this goes on all the time.

Posters: Xu Wei, China / Obed Meza, Mexico

But design is also a pure joy of creating something. It is the delight of making numerous variations and painfully selecting a piece that is the one. Perhaps we are all a sect, in a way, but I think we are more than that – we are a large design family, a family that is always ready to jump in and help.

Posters: Peter Javorik, Poland / Patrycja Longawa, Poland
Posters: Marco Natoli, Italy / Olga Severina, USA

World Design Day is an international exhibit in Mexico brought together designers from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Colombia, South Korea, Ecuador, United States, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, and Turkey.

Yes, the world has shrunk and at the same time expanded, and now we all live in one single space – a space where we dream, work, connect to one another through Facebook, and space, where we love what we do.

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