Camellia Competition

2021 China (Kunming) Golden Camellia Competition for Cultural and Creative Designs

I. Introduction
Camellia is the flower of Kunming city, the capital and a pearl in Yunnan Province in southwestern China. Chen-Ning Yang and Tsung-Dao Lee, the Chinese Nobel Prize winners, started their dreams and departed to the world from the former National Southwest Associated University in Kunming, Yunnan. Yunnan is marked as not only a kingdom of biodiversity due to its large altitude gap and complex landform but also a paradise for ethnicity. There are 26 ethnic groups living in Yunnan, creating a unique environment for cultural coexistence and communication. Various ethnic cultures connect but distinct here.

Founded in 2018, this competition is organized by the Kunming Creative Industries Association under the guidance of the Yunnan Artists Association. We are determined to enhance the protection of intellectual property rights in China. In the past 3 years, we have received designs from over 5000 designers and helped enterprises and individuals register 1881 patents, 1002 copyrights and more than 3200 certifications of original designs, including 3 bestsellers, each with over tens of millions of sales. In 2021, despite the Covid pandemic, we have lifted the curtain of the 4th session of the competition and sincerely welcome professionals, enterprises and institutes and in the design and cultural industries as well as creative learners and
amateurs to participate!

Theme and Design Scopes
1. Theme
Digital Creation: Boundless Possibilities 2. Design Scopes
a. Digital and Cultural Creation b. Urban Life
c. Industrial Designs
d. Ethnic Arts
e. Architecture and Space Designs

III. Schedule
Aug. 31, 2021
Last chance for the preliminary design submission
Electronic copies only.
Sep 11 – 18, 2021
Preliminary jury session
The Short-listed results will be published by the end of September.
Sep 20 – Oct 25, 2021
Physical sample shipment
Nov 1 – 4, 2021
Final online votes
The final result will be published on Nov 5, 2021.
Nov. 25, 2021 Awards Ceremony Nov 1 — 30, 2021 Display and Exhibition

How to Participate
1. Please fill in the attached entry form and submit it together with the electronic edition of your designs to email:
2. You only need to submit an electronic edition of your designs in the preliminary stage. Please note the size and material of your submitted works. (Max 5 images for a single work and 8 images for series works, including 1 overall perspective and other specific perspectives with a reference substance. Format: A3, min 300dpi.)
3. 15% of the submitted designs will enter the final evaluation. In this stage, you should submit 2 pieces of physical works. A single sample is refused. Time to submit the physical works will be informed for another time.

V. Awards
Gold Award
bonus RMB 10,000 per entry, award certificate and trophy
6 entries
Silver Award
bonus RMB 3,000 per entry and award certificate
Bronze Award
bonus RMB 2,000 per entry and award certificate
18 entries
The Best Creation
bonus RMB 2,000 per entry and award certificate
6 entries
The Best Business Value
bonus RMB 2,000 per entry and award certificate
6 entries
The Best Mentor
bonus RMB 2,000 per entry and award certificate
12 mentors
The Best Copyright
bonus RMB 2,000 per entry and award certificate
12 entries
The Best Organization bonus RMB 2,000 per entry and medal 12 entries VI. Evaluation Criteria
Regionality (15%)
Designs should be regionally distinctive and showcase the ethnic cultures, resources and features of Yunnan.
Practicability (20%)
Designs should be practical, exquisite, safe, green and culturally applicable in daily lives.
Market Orientation (15%)
Designs should be or be able to in the process of production with reasonable prices and high market recognition. (For non-enterprise designs, scores in this part will be marked together with the Creativity part. )
Creativity (20%)
Designs should be novel and fashionable to be accepted by consumers. Original techniques or categories are welcomed. We encourage the innovation of traditional techniques and the application of hi-tech products, particularly independent IPs.
Exquisiteness (10%)
Designs should be exquisite and use proper materials to be mass-produced in accordance to the international and domestic technical, quality and safety standards. (Relative certificates are favorable)
Brand (10%)
Brand designs should have trademarks, good quality and market reputation. (For non-enterprise designs, scores in this part will be marked together with the Creativity part. )
Distinction (10%)
The combinations of traditional and modern elements, culture and technology and regionality and practicability are valued. Designs should have regional or ethnic features and follow the culture-tourism integration trend in consumption.

VII. Intellectual Property Rights
1. The intellectual property rights of the submitted designs
belong to the designers, and submitted designs should register their copyrights, trademarks or patents. The organizing committee will entrust relative copyright protection stations authenticated by authorities to offer assistance and compensations to the designers in IPR registration.
2. Designs submitted should be original works. The organizing committee reserves the right to withdraw awards to works with IPR disputes or flaws. Legal responsibilities incurred by IPR disputes or flaws shall be shouldered by the designers.
3. The organizing committee has the right to exhibit, promote, publicize and copy the designs and publish books for non-commercial purposes, and the priority to collect, commercialize, trade and buy the IPR of the award-winning works.

VIII. Notice
1. All individuals and groups are welcomed to enter the competition. Each group should have no more than 3 members.
2. The submitted designs will not be returned. Please keep your manuscript.
3. Designs for digital and cultural creation should be entire works with proposals including introduction, images, and videos of the works. Please compress your documents to no more than 10M in ZIP or RAR or offer a cloud link.
4. Architecture and space designs submitted should be designed or built from January 2020 to October 2021.
5. Marks of identity, such as names of individuals or organizations are not allowed on your designs.
6. The fees for the shipment shall be paid by the designers. The organizing committee is not responsible for shipment delay, damage, lost or other faults. Designs without submission of physical works will not be granted awards. 

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