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Bauhaus 100 in LA

Together with Helms Design Center, we are happy to announce the Bauhaus 100 Poster Exhibit is featuring international posters dedicated to one of the greatest design schools of the twentieth century.

Bauhaus 100 is a poster campaign that celebrates one of the most influential art movements of the last one hundred years. This commemorative project has produced a growing collection of more than 400 posters made by designers from all over the globe who have one thing in common – a desire and willingness to experiment with their art, which connects them directly to the groundbreaking principles and practices of Bauhaus. Just like in 1919, when Bauhaus’s revolutionary doctrines first brought together artisans and craftsmen from different parts of the world, the global design community of today has also been compelled to join forces in expressing their personal take on the unique phenomenon that is Bauhaus.

This exhibit, as if a living organism, is evolving, growing with each new artwork that is being added to the collection. The cut-off date has been extended as well, in hopes that the new deadline of March 31, 2020 will give a chance to more and more of you to participate in this poster action.
Organized by PosterTerritory, this exhibit presents more than 70 posters from this collection, made by a variety of artists and designers from every corner of the globe.

Poster campaign curated by Serge Serov,
AGI, Golden Bee Global Biennale President

LA chapter of the Bauhaus 100 poster campaign curated by Olga Severina

Supported by Brand Culture

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