The World After Book!

The World After Book

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Posters that question our future. 

The posters are focus on the following topics and the way these areas may change after the virus:
–  Education
–  Healthcare
–  Our jobs and how we work 
–  Our consumer society
–  Technologies 
–  The outlook on low-income, the homeless and helpless
–  Our way of socializing
–  Climate change and environment 

Khomenko Evgeniya, Ukraine

Chen Xiaofeng and Xu Shishi, Chin

Rezaei Hilda, Iran

Maya Libardo, Colombia

Luis Lopez, Ecuador

Grafprom Studio, Ukraine

Marco Natolli, Italy

Pavel Kashevsky, Belarus

Wojtek Osuchowski, Poland

Jouri Toreev, Belarus

García Naandeyé, Mexico

Zhu Xi, China

We are all now focused on one problem – the virus!

What to do, how to protect ourselves and the ones we love, how to help those in need, and how to get through this terrible plague. These are all crucial questions, essential for our very survival. But we will prevail, we are certain of it! And we’d like to ask another question: what will the world be like after we overcome this curse? Will everything go back to normal or will the world be forever changed? Will we stay united, like we are now, while facing the common enemy or return to our separate political and social corners? Will shaking hands die out as a social norm? Will a hug no longer be an expression of love and emotion? Will we turn to “revenge shopping” to get “all that we’ve missed” or will we remember that family is our most precious commodity? In short, will we learn a lesson from this horrifying experience, and if so, will we change the way we are because of it?

The posters will initially be displayed digitally and later exhibited in a number of cities across the US. We are inviting everyone to participate in this traveling poster exhibition and maybe help us find answers to some of these questions. 

WGD (Worldwide Graphic Designers)
The 4th Block
Golden Bee
Helms Design Center
“Istitution” Foundation
Brick City Gallery

Organized by
DMJStudio (Donna Jackson)
PosterTerritory (Olga Severina)

© 2020 PosterTerritory

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