Zero Corruption is the Global Poster Campaign, a special project and competition category of the Golden Bee 14 Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design (2020) and The 4th Block International Triennial of Eco-poster in Kharkiv (2021).
Theme: posters that standing against corruption as a threat to global security, ecology and mental health of humanity.

Deadline: January 31, 2020

All information about ZERO CORRUPTION is here (PDF):

Poster by Peter Bankov, Сzech Republic

March, 2012 | San Jose, California | Curator: Olga Severina 

Presenting selected posters from the collection of International Eco-Poster exhibitions The 4th Block. 

IMG_0445 IMG_0500   IMG_0493

Today we are all talking about the environment. To be eco-friendly nowadays is as trendy as it was chic to drive down the street in a hotrod only a few years ago. Things changed, as they always have, but why Now and why Nature? How did it all came to be? Why do we have to be green? Maybe there is no need to be environmentally conscious? Or maybe there is more to this then just a “latest fashion”? Our exposition is trying to find answers to these questions, by analyzing the works of leading graphic designers
of the day.

Kazumasa Nagai, Yoshitero Asai, Hiroyuki Matsuishi, Shin Matsunaga, So Tsutomu, Mitsuo Watanabe, Toyomasu Hideo, Naoya Murata, Takashi Akiyama  Takakita Yukiya   / Japan
Abedini Reza, Pedram Harby, Saeed Behdal   / Iran
Inna Kirzyk, Oksana and Andrey Chumachenko / Ukraine
Joao Machado /Portugal
Lex Drewinski /Germany
Youmin Yuan /China
Leo Lin /Taiwan

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