From Chernobyl 
to Covid. The world after Covid

From Chernobyl to Covid.

Events that changed the world.
The show will feature selected artworks from “The 4th Block” poster collection and from The World After poster call. Presented by PosterTerritory together with The 4th Block and Missouri State University. Department of Art & Design, Brick City Gallery, at Springfield, Missouri.

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biophilia poster competition

Biophilia Poster Competition

Biophilia is an idea that humans have an innate connection to nature. This connection helps our physical and mental wellbeing. A selection of posters will be chosen for a traveling celebration of Biophilia in the US and worldwide.

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Bauhaus 100

PosterTerritory together with Helms Design Center and BrandCulture presented Bauhaus 100 Poster Exhibit. This show features 70+ posters from around the world that are dedicated to one of the greatest design schools of the twentieth century.

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Life Tree

In 2021 PosterTerritory presents the “Life Tree” International Invitational Poster Exhibition.

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Poster Recipes on
AIGA’s Design Toast

PosterTerritory together with AIGA’s Design Toast presents a new series of articles that take an inside look into the practices and routines of some of the most accomplished poster artists from around the world.

Every creative process is a wonder, whether we are talking about preparing a meal or designing a poster. In art this awe is in the diversity of expression – every designer has his or her own signature style, an original recipe of sorts for making a poster. So here is our latest behind-the-scenes peek into the process of poster design:

Kari Piippo. Flaming passion of Northern Design
Lex Drewinski. Think First, Design Later
Byoungil Sun. The Art of Visual Flavors
Peter Bankov. Poster with the lowercase “p”
Parisa Tashakori. Yields One Solution, Repeat as Needed
Provocative Elegance by Alain Le Quernec
Philosophy of Color by João Machado

women posters exhibit

The World According to Love

PosterTerritory together with The 4th Block and The Gordon Gallery presents The World According to Love – a contemporary poster action intended on bettering the way we treat one another regardless of gender, ethnicity or status. The exhibit is a part of the Melbourne Design Week 2019

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Avenues of Activism

PosterTerritory together with The 4th Block presents Avenue of Activism poster exhibit – an art show of 50+ posters from around the world that are part of AIGA LA Avenues of Activism event that was hosted by the Helms Design Center.

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The New Winds

The New Winds

PosterTerritory together with Majid Abbasi and the Neshan Graphic Design Magazine presents The New Wind – an exhibition of contemporary Iranian graphic design. The show features 50 posters from such world-renowned masters such as Reza Abedeni, Homa Delvaray, Aria Kasaei, Saed Meshkiand, and many others, whose works were inspired by traditional Persian and Arabic calligraphy, arts, and patterns. PosterTerritory would like to thank Vije School and Majid Abbasi for their inspiration and support.
Special thanks to prof. Vera Fainshtein for making it all happen.

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Sonia Delaunay 130 in Australia

PosterTerritory together with The 4th Block and Grafprom presents Sonia Delaunay 130 – a commemorative poster campaign dedicated to Sonia Delaunay, (1885-1979), a prominent Art Deco artist and designer. The exhibit celebrates the artist’s anniversary and her contribution to the world of art and design. Over the course of a month, more than 200 authors from all over the globe answered this call to action.

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Rebranding the Russian

PosterTerritory, together with the Riverside Art Museum presents Rebranding the Russian Avant-garde – a student poster exhibition inspired by the progenitors of the early 20th-century Russian avant-garde movement.

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Eco-Art: Graphic Design
for Change

PosterTerritory, together with the Riverside Art Museum presents Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change – graphic design exhibit featuring 100+ posters by international artists who champion environmental awareness and sustainable living. The artworks are all of The 4th Block posters collection.

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eco-diology poster exhibition

Eco-Deology, Cause, and Effect

PosterTerritory together with The 4th Block presents Eco-Deology, Cause, and Effect – an environmentally focused poster exhibit in San Jose, CA that features a selection of contemporary posters from the collection of the International Eco-Poster competition The 4th Block.

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