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Hello Everyone.

My name is Olga Severina. I am a Ukrainian born exhibition curator and a graphic designer residing in Los Angeles, CA.

One of my great passions is the art of a contemporary poster because I believe that a truly compelling poster has the power to change the world. 

I fell in love with the contemporary poster after I obtained my Ph.D. in Visual Arts and I became involved with some of the leading poster and design competitions that encourage creative expression and environmental sustainability. The projects that impacted me the most were an International Eco-Poster Exhibition The 4th Block (Ukraine) and an International Graphic Design Biennale Golden Bee (Russia). Currently, I work for both poster exhibitions as the traveling exhibit curator in the United States.

I am a passionate promoter of the contemporary poster. That is why I founded PosterTerritory initiative – a take-off platform for graphic design campaigns and poster shows in the US and abroad. 

Here are a few of my latest projects


I take a part of a jury in different International Poster Competitions worldwide 


As a true disciple of the genre, I frequently take part in poster competitions and design expos that celebrate creative excellence in contemporary graphic arts.

See all posters here

  • Graphis Design Annual 2021 Honorable Mention
  • COW Internation design festival,  1st place, (Ukraine)
  • 5 Powerful Political Posters, Poster on Politics (USA)
  • World Design Day 2020 (Mexico)
  • Poster Biennial in Mexico (Mexico)
  • International Eco-Poster Triennal The 4th Block Special Diploma (Ukraine)
  • International Graphic Design Biennial Golden Bee (Russia)
  • Warsaw International Poster Biennale (Poland)
  • Mayakovsky 120 Poster campaign
  • Strelka Design Festival finalist (Russia)
  • Shut Up. Voice of Democracy in Danger (Slovakia)

Published Books, Blogs and Magazines

I genuinely believe that a pen can be as mighty as an image.

  • Poster Recipe series
  • Articles for Design Toast AIGA LA blog
  • Articles for Neshan Graphic Design Magazine, where I explore the latest trends in visual expression
  • Book. Environmental Poster. Origins and Evolution (2018, Russian)
  • Book. Modern Eco-Posters (2012) co-authored with Oleg Veklenko
  • Book. Ecological Tendencies in Modern Poster Art (2009) co-authored with Oleg Veklenko

Professional Work

In my professional life, I’m a graphic designer specializing in web design, identity and branding, multi-media marketing, UI/UX experience, stationery, and sales aids.

Borderless Group member
AIGA LA member
Poster member
The 4th Block Association member
R E T R O A V A N G A R D A Gallery of Friends

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