Zero Corruption

Poster by Dominik Iwanicki for The 4th Block
Poster by Dominik Iwanicki for The 4th Block

Posterterritory in partnership with The 4th Block and Golden Bee 14 Presents Zero Corruption Poster Campaign
Theme: posters that stand against corruption, which is a threat to global security, ecology and the mental health of humanity as a whole.
Deadline: April 14, 2020

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Posterrorism 2020

Posterrorism poster 2020

International Poster Competition
Deadline: June 1, 2020
Theme: Against Terrorism!

Today, a wide range of political organizations use terrorism to advance their goals. From the left, right-wing groups, nationalists, religious groups, revolutionaries, and even the ruling states, they use this weapon.

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Theme Hakka Betwen

The 2nd Hakka Impression International poster exhibition 2019
Photo: The 2nd Hakka Impression International – Theme Hakka Between 

The 2nd Hakka Impression is an International Poster Invitation Exhibition in Red Cube Public Art and Planning Museum / China, Shenzhen
#szposterfestival #hakkaimpression

(Re)Imagining Europe

(Re)Imagining Europe in 2020

With this new poster competition we wish to establish a new dialogue – design is a crucial point of departure for a new identity that needs to be re-imagined in the ever-changing landscape of Europe. Today European countries and their relations are evolving, but are also facing new and different challenges, combining the diversity of their cultural and historical heritages that offers Europe a specific and unique place in the world. Thematically open, but at the same time defined by civil and public content around us, this poster competition aims to result in works that would reaffirm designers’ professional and intellectual affiliation with Europe.

Deadline: December 31st, 2019 (CET)
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