Zero Corruption

Poster by Peter Bankov, Сzech Republic

Zero Corruption is the Global Poster Campaign, a special project and competition category of the Golden Bee 14 Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design (2020) and The 4th Block International Triennial of Eco-poster in Kharkiv (2021).
Theme: posters that standing against corruption as a threat to global security, ecology and mental health of humanity.

Deadline: March 31, 2020.

For project participation
• JPG files for the web with 72 dpi and a vertical format of 1000 dpi should be sent to email:
• JPG or PDFs files for plotter printing with 150 dpi and a size of 70×100 cm should be sent to email: with the subject ZERO CORRUPTION.

The files must be signed in English in the following order: Country_Family_Name_Title of poster.


Project curators:
Serge Serov
AGI, President of the Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design
Oleg Veklenko
President of the 4th Block International Triennial of Eco-poster in Kharkiv


2019 Taiwan

Taiwan International Graphic Design Award 2019
Design Jianping He Germany 
Art Power Station Design Exhibition “Henryk Tomaszewski” poster.

Finally Announced! 2019 Taiwan International Graphic Design Award / Poster Award-winning Works this year are: see all here

Chekhov-160 Poster Competition


STRELKA design biennale 2020 in Russia is devoted to the 160 anniversary of world-known Russian writer Anton Chekhov.
We invite graphic designers (students and professionals) to participate.
We invite to design posters about Anton Chekhov and his novels. Participation is free. (700 х 1000 мм. vertical)
A – Posters about Anton Chekhov’s novels and his heroes from films, theatre / B – Posters about Anton Chekhov’s life and biography.
DEADLINE – December 22th, 2019

More Info >> 

We Want Jazz

Event graphics: Agnieszka Sobczyńska

Great Jazz radio Jazz in Ruins in Poland is celebrating the 10th birthday
Its anniversary is better to selabrate with posters. Let’s celebrate together!
We are accepting posters for the birthday competition only until October 8, 2019! Harry Up! We want your poster “We want jazz!”

More Info >>

Food, Drinks, and Posters!

Bauhaus 100. International Poster Campaign

International Poster Campaign exhibition in LA. Was a great event in the Helms Design Center. Thanks all for coming and all to make it happened

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Bauhaus 100

2019 is the year of the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. In this regard, BAUHAUS 100, International Poster Campaign as an open design contest and exhibition project is announced. New Deadline: March 31, 2020
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International Poster Competition

The Polish Olympic Committee poster
The Polish Olympic Committee poster campaign

The idea of the competition is to refer to the figure of an Olympian as a hero of collective imagination and the humanistic values of Olympic sport, such as: striving for perfection, respect, honesty, solidarity, community, services of dignity, mutual understanding, peaceful competition, joy based on sport activity.
The deadline for submitting competition entries has been moved to 18 August 2019.

I Want Peace Poster Project

I Want Peace Poster Project
Poster Project in Poland

This poster project by Christopher Scott promotes the message of peace through a poster. The objective is to print the poster in A4 format and have it pasted on the streets in many cities and countries around the world to share this important message. You can participate by yourself – download the file and print it out. #iwantpeace and #missingpeace
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