City of Bardejov Exhibition

International Poster Invitation!
Welcome to participate in a unique poster design exhibition.
The theme of the exhibition is the City of Bardejov.

Bardejov ― royal free town, spectacular city walls, magnificent basilica, unique town hall, gothic architecture, majestic castle…
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Organization: Kandelaber, PQB, / Náš Bardejov, Bardejov Design
Curator Peter Javorík

Avenues of Activism

PosterTerritory presents 50+ Political Activism Posters from around the world as a part of AIGA LA Avenues of Activism event at Helms Design Center.
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Shut Up! Voice of democracy in danger!
Selected posters from International poster campaign that would illustrate
the issues of contemporary democracy and the ways it is being influenced by political climate, mass media involvement and changes in our mentalities and worldview. Curated by Mykola Kovalenko, Respect APP, Slovakia

A World According to Love
Contemporary poster action with an intent of changing our view of the world and all the people living in it regardless of gender, as well as of improving our way of interacting with one another within it. Selected posters are from The 4th Block poster exhibition in 2018.
In cooperation with the Graphic Designers Association “The 4th Block”
Environmental Posters

Environmental poster exhibit that would show the selected pieces from
The 4th Block — poster competitions (2006-2018) that promotes informed environmentalism and sustainable lifestyle choices.
In cooperation with the Graphic Designers Association “The 4th Block”

Theatre Poster Сontest, Moldova

III International Contest of the Theatrical Poster. The I Contest took place within the scope of International Theatrical Festival “Meetings in Odessa” in Odessa (Ukraine) in September 2013. 144 artists from 17 countries participated in the Contest.

Andrzej Pagowski, Poland, Slawomir Mrozhek “Tango”,

Koorosh Karimi, Iran, “Gladiator”